Li'l Thugs: Afterlife Picture

So I was thinking about the end of the story where most of the Thugs inevitably die or the like, and I got to wondering what happens to them after that. That's where this came from.
I have no idea how their death scenes are actually going to go, so I just made some sappy stuff up for kicks.

That guy in the last two panels is Charon, Hell's (sexy) administrative assistant, and NO it ISN'T a girl's name! In Greek mythology, Charon was the ferryman for the river Styx who brought souls across into the underworld. That makes him the equivalent of the secretary of Hell in my mind.
He's really sexy... I have the feeling that the Thugs are gonna be spending a LOT of time around (on?) the check-in desk..

I had fun with fonts if you couldn't tell.. I really like the devil-type font.

The rest of it looks like crap but I don't care

Speaking of Hell, guess where I'm going for this.
And on that note, I leave for girls camp...
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