Orcades Picture

Orcades the Underworld Pokemon

PokeDex entry:

It stands in the shadows watching the living, keeping track of their lives to keep count of evil deeds they have committed. If one were to commit enough evil, it will drag the evil-doer to its lair in another dimension and subject it to tortures until redemption.

Mythology behind it

While its brothers (Kelsedion and Olypseus) claimed the skies and oceans, Orcades was left with only the Underworld to choose from. It dwells in the fiery layer redeeming the souls of evil individuals who have wrought enough times in the world, which then once redemption occurs Orcades would send the individual back to the living realm. However, if the redeemed has turned back to doing evil then they will be dragged back to the Underworld and stay there for eternity.

Type: Ghost/Fire
Rank: Legendary


I quite like how this fellow turned out.

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