Sutekh Ref Picture


Name: Sutekh
Name Meaning: possibly meaning "one who dazzles." In mythology, this is the name of an ancient evil god of Chaos, storms, and the desert, who slew Osiris.
Age: 7
Location: Egypt
Species: Zerudo
Breed: Egyptian, "man made, new breed."
Abilities: Sutekh can control different air flows and use egergy stored in things around him. Chaotic energy.
Personality: Sutekh is a cocky, womanizer. He enjoys hitting on females and showing off. He's actually quite charming.

Unlike Nefertari and Aser he isn't really interested with ancient Egypt. While knowing a lot about it, he just doesn't really care as much.

Story: Sutekh was created before Aser as a prototype to try and recreate Nefertari's make up. He's not as 'pure blood' as Nefertari and Aser in that he wasnt made with just Egyptian animals. His wolf DNA was taken from the Italian Wolf or Canus Lupis Italicus. Other than that the scientist at the Cairo lab tried to get him as close to Nefertari as possible. Because of the Italian wolf DNA he is a bit bigger than Aser and Nefertari.

The scientist named him after the Egyptian God of chaos because they were not thrilled with the outcome of the experiment. Being that he lacks the ancient features and designs. So they named him Sutekh because of Set's lost to Horus leaving him in the underworld.

Not long after Sutekh was created, Aser was made. The scientist were much more thrilled with this one and Sutekh lost most of his attention.

Unlike Aser, Sutekh does not follow the orders of the scientist. So when he finally got a chance to excape he took off. He went to Alexandria and has been hiding out there.
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