Yukiko Snow... Inking-DONE Picture

August 03, 2010

Did the inking and the editing today... :3

In case you can't read my handwriting, I wrote...

[The snowflake seal]
>Ice Kingdom's seal - royal seal of the Ice Kingdom (i know, so redundant...)

[Yukiko with the hoodie up]
>Brrr... Brrr...
>It's cold...
>Hoodie up!~

[Headless mannequin]
>Travel Attire (hoodie down)

[The pendant]
>The Eye of Niflheim - opens the gate to the underworld, source of Ice Kingdom's power

[Close up of Yukiko]
>designates royalty (the snowflake seal hairpin)
>Yukiko Snow - Princess of the Ice Kingdom, Keeper of the Eye of Niflheim (gray or white hair w/ dark red eyes)

I still dunno what Yukiko looks like when she is colored... Still have to find the right shades of white , gray, and red to complement each other...huhu [mom won't buy me a tablet...
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