Ruth May Picture

A quick doodle of Ruth May.

I first drew her a couple of months ago in school. She was made before Otis, and was actually what I used to springboard and create Otis. The two were tied from the beginning.

First, they were sisters. Ruth May was just the one sibling that didn't run off into the woods. Then, they were friends, with Ruth May taking what ended up being Cheka's place.

From her beginning creation, Ruth May was always a demon. Literally. She has horns, a tail, pointed ears, and at one point, she had hooves instead of feet, which she kept hidden with shapeshifting, like Otis does with her paws.

After a bit, I decided that the two were far too different, and substituted Cheka as Otis' friend. Unfortunately, the two always ended up coming together as two different parts of the same in my head.

So. Instead, I went back and revised Otis' beginnings, and Ruth May became her mother instead.

As such, Ruth May is still a demon. She resided in hell--or the Underworld, according to the Greek mythology the Brothel storyline's been following recently--and got bored after a few thousand years. She came up to the surface world, posed as a human, and met Otis' father.

She gave birth to Otis about two years after hanging out as a maid, and let's just say she wasn't keen on having a child. The father was on the fence about Otis, but he never thought of doing anything cruel towards her.

Ruth May took Otis out one day when she was old enough to walk, stripped her of her clothes, and sent her into the woods to die.

When the two finally meet again in battle, let's just say shit hits the fan real quickly.
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