Zeus Chibi Picture

Ooooh it’s Zeus!! The king of the gods himself!! I feel so special, don’t you???

Not really.

You see, my theory is that he hit his head on a rock several thousand years back and his IQ dropped several points. To say it nicely, he ain’t the sharpest toothpick in the cheese cube tray. Not like Zeus was really smart in the first place. Clever, but stupid. Do you get what I’m saying??

Zeus is the youngest of six and the only one not eaten by his dad, Kronos. (This is a whole ‘nother story I’ll save for later.) Basically, he made Kronos throw everyone up and waged a 10 year war against him. Yup. Pretty epic. Well, Zeus and his siblings won, so he and his brothers Poseidon and Hades drew lots for their kingdoms. Lo and behold, Zeus became king of the gods. Keep in mind; he’s a slippery little watermelon. He spent 10 minutes feeling around in the fated bucket for the longest stick, granting him kingship over the other gods and the heavens. He found it, alright, leaving a furious Poseidon with the seas and an indifferent Hades with the Underworld. So now Poseidon is always trying to overthrow him without much luck. ‘Course, Zeus still thinks Poseidon’s his bestest friend in the whole wide world and doesn’t really catch on that his brother hates his guts.

Speaking of other gods loathing him, there’s his wife, Hera. SHE HATES HIM WITH A PASSION. To put it simply, Zeus is a man whore with commitment issues. He gawks at everything that moves, specifically females, maybe the occasional dude to satisfy his flirtatious needs. So he’s incredibly famous for his affairs and facing Hera’s wrath. She doesn’t love him, but she stays with him just so the other gods thinks everything’s just fine and dandy. He still gets into scandals, but gets away with them due to his patented sad puppy-dog face and temper tantrums. Then everyone’s like “Awww, we can’t stay mad at you!” and forgive him.

Zeus design has sparked controversy from some people I show sketches of him too. The typical person who doesn’t know the correct mythological representations thinks he’s supposed to be old with a huge Santa beard. Au Contraire!!! He’s supposed to be seen as the youngest son of Kronos, not to mention the strongest of the gods. I played off of this and made him look young to go with his incredibly immature personality. He’s also short. So he spikes up his hair to make him look taller. It seems to be working, eh?

So that’s Zeus in a nutshell. I’ll post his full profile later.
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