Goddess Series 4- Sedna WIP Picture

Part of my death goddess series, done for a class. These six in particular are women who have been abused and/or forced into the job of ruling Death/the Underworld of their respective mythologies.

There are numerous myths of her origins, but most usually end with her clinging to her father's boat, and he chops off her fingers (due to anger or he's trying to save himself). The fingers become the sea animals the Inuit depend on for survival, and Sedna sinks, becoming ruler of the underworld. She's quite grumpy and will hold her sea animals "hostage" when pissed off. The people must appease her by sending a shaman who will clean her hair, since she can't do it herself (having no fingers 'n all). She will then release the animals.

In 2003, she became the namesake of a minor planet.

I portrayed her after the moment her fingers were severed.
Pen on Bristol
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