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Here is the next cursed temple spirit known as Malek Mortanius. He is suppose to be based off of Ganondorf from Legend Of Zelda and Hades from Greek mythology. His design was originally going to be for Draconis Knight, the Great Spirit Titan Of Death, but when I came up with a different design for Draconis, I abandoned this concept and when I came up with the Cursed Temple Spirits, I decided to use it again. Also, I was going to submit this picture last night, but Deviantart was acting up again.

Name: Malek Mortanius
Age: Eternal
Species: Demon lord
Sex: Male
Family: Abbadon (son)
Member of: The Cursed Temple Spirits
Element he represents: Shadow

History: During the reign of terror of both Lacrimazar Orodius and Gwydion, Lacrimazar Orodius and his four horsemen (Raum, Stheno, Belphegor, and Deity) promised Gwydion his very own army that he could use to destroy the sages and take over the temples for his very own selfish purposes under the condition that he swore his loyalty to the cult leader. Gwydion greedily accepted Lacrimazar's offer and Belphegor set to work on creating an army of evil spirits by using the elements of the Ghost Zone (Earth, water, fire, shadow, spirit, air, light, and cosmic).

Malek Mortanius, a powerful demon lord and master of the shadows, was a close alley of the two powerful entities and he had started a non-aggression pact between Lacrimazar, Gwydion, and him. During his time as a demon lord, Malek was determined to use his powers and mastery of the shadows in order to obtain respect from the Ghost Zone and the demon world so that he could be chosen as the shadow sage by the Ghost Zone Goddess, Nimue, though his plan was to use the powers of the shadow temple once his became a sage so that he could become a god like demon lord. Unfortunately, Malek's glory had came to a screeching halt when his son, Abbadon, was chosen by Nimue as the shadow sage. Malek was filled with anger, jealousy, and bitterness and he convinced an army of demonic spirits to slaughter his own son.

Organizing a planned attack, Malek and his armies unleashed a surprise attack on Abbadon and brutally tortured, raped, humiliated beated, and mutilated him until Malek finished the deed by slitting Abbadon's throat and snapping his son's neck with his tail before leaving him for dead.

Abbadon recovered from the assault his father inflicted upon him. Feeling angered and betrayed, he grew convinced that the lives of the innocent were worthless to protect and that they should also know what true pain is. He wandered the forests of the Ghost Zone where he found a world of darkness and decay, knowing that this was the territory of the Great Spirit Titan of Darkness, Metrion, the very same spirit who would eventually turn against his comrades.

Metrion's first decision was to strike down the weakened Abbadon, but when he saw that Abbadon was a being who was not afraid to look into the chaotic eyes of Metrion and he took him in as his own. It was during that time that Abbadon developed a relationship with Eva, the empress of envy and one of the seven emperors and children of Metrion. Abbadon learned how to control his powers over darkness and how to slaughter even an innocent life with little or no remorse. Abbadon had also been taught by Zertrimane, the emperor of gluttony, on how to control the dead and by Sangreal and Eclipse, the emperor and empress of greed and lust on how to torture his enemies in the sickest ways unimaginable.

When the Great Ghost War broke out, Abbadon took this opportunity to take revenge against his father, Malek and he slaughtered every single member of Lacrimazar's cult in his blind wrath until he encountered Malek in the Shadow Temple of the Ghost Zone and fought against him in a duel of who the true master of shadows was.

It was during that battle that Abbadon stripped Malek of his Armor of Zorc, the ancient relic which has been in the Mortanius bloodline for generations and using a sword composed of shadow magic, Abbadon impaled Malek in the forehead and disowned his father, causing Malek to be sealed away in a stone statue. After the defeat of Gwydion and Lacrimazar, Abbadon kept the Armor of Zorc relic in the Shadow Temple as a reminder of who the true master of shadows really is.

Powers and abilities:

Malek is one of the most powerful and by far the most dangerous of the Cursed Temple Spirits and should not be taken lightly. His strength is completely limitless, but can be subdued if one knows how to fight against him. He is also capable of using his tail to snap a person's neck in one twist. He can also use the powers of the shadows and even the relic known as the Armor of Zorc (he's wearing it right now), which allows him to command the powers of darkness and an army of the undead. His power of course pales in comparison to Metrion and Draconis, the titans of darkness and death. Malek also feeds off of the sexual desires of his victims as well so that he can turn them into their worst nightmares rather than their sickest fantasies.

Ganon's Noose: Snaps the necks of his enemies in one twist with his tail. He can also decapitate them by using the spikes on his tail.

Hellfist: Slams his fist into the ground to command an army of undead spirits from the underworld to devour his enemies.

Cries Of The Demons: Unleashes an ear piercing screech which causes the inner demons of his enemies (usually battered and psychotic versions) to be unleashed from deep within them. They are just as stronger when they are unleashed.

Howl Of Hades: Emits a blast of energy which automatically destroys anything it touches and absorbs the soul of his victim as well so he can use it as fuel for his more devastating attacks.

Berserk Pleasure: Creates a purple smog which causes his enemies to give in their darkest and sickest sexual fantasies. Malek was famous for using this on his concubines and he also used it against males or just about anyone.

Nightmare Skull: His most powerful attack. He assimilates and absorbs the elements of the shadows around him, as well as the shadows of those close by or far away from him and unleashes a destructive force of dark energy down upon them.

XONGYWID: The perfect form of the cursed temple spirits (the name is an anagram for Gwydion with an X). In this form, the cursed temple spirits are far more destructive and deadlier and they are even more dangerous when they have been fused together with Gwydion.

Gwydion and Abbadon (mentioned above) (c) ~EmberMcLaineRocks
Draconis Knight, Metrion, Eva, the seven emperors, Lacrimazar Orodius, Sangreal, Zertrimane, Eclipse, Raum, Stheno, Deity, Belphegor, Malek Mortanius, art, and image (c) ~AlucardHemlock (me)
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