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..::EDIT::.. I used the same background of Fortuna Castle from the Devil May Cry wikia for the bg again xD Because I'm lazy lmao

I finally finished her lol This is my newest Devil May Cry OC Cassandra <3 She's Night's girlfriend... Well, eventually she will be lmao xD

As with Night this is for her character sheet I'm working on but I wanted to get her up here before I finished it since she'll be appearing in my DMC story soon x3

Anywho I'll finish her bio later on but for now here's the picture and a tiny bit of info ;D

Name: Cassandra

Full Name: Cassandra Kit

Alias: Cass, Kit Kat (used more when Night is Cassius), Kitten (usually when men try to hit on her)

Age: 17

DOB: October 31st

Hair Colour: Red and Black

Eyes: Jade Green

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 134lbs

Theme(s): First Theme - [link] , Second Theme - [link] , Third Theme - [link] (all subject to change)

Mother: Larissa Kit - Witch

Father: Vinicerik or just Vincent/Vince. Vinny if you know him well - Demon

Siblings: Viker/Vic - Full blooded demon older half brother

Significant Other: Night Sparda - Half demon [link]

Problems: Tends to be a little over zealous with animal rights, people downtalking the ones she cares about and the stereotypes surrounding witchcraft.

Likes: Raspberries, mythology, animals, Nero, Kyrie, Lady, Night, nature walks, reading

Dislikes: Cassius (sometimes), Trish, Vergil (sometimes), pepperoni, green peppers

Weapons: The Angels Wing - White and Brown pistol that can take on the form of any weapon she should so choose. [link]

Dominant Hand: Right

Abilities: Enhanced Senses, Super Human Strength/Speed/Agility, Ace Gunman, Expert Swordsman, Experienced Devil Trigger User

Brief History: Cassandra is a half demon witch and the daughter of a powerful demon by the name of Vinicerik. Her mother Larissa is a well known witch whom she inherited her power and skill in witchcraft from which she practices on a daily basis.

Although Cassandra is a half demon and is capable of using her demonic power quite well she doesn't know very much about her demonic heritage as her father left and returned to the underworld when she was four.

She has a distant though amicable relationship with her older half brother Viker, a full blooded demon. Though she knows he harbours no ill will towards her and her mother she knows that Viker finds it hard to be around them because Larissa is human. This does not change how she feels about him and she longs for a closer relationship with her brother.

When she meets Night Sparda, she almost immediately falls in love with him and cherishes all his quirks. She eventually manages to help him with both his devil power and overcoming a lot of his fears and even helps him control his split personality Cassius.

As of late Cassandra has spent much time looking for a demon responsible for casting a spell on her mother that turned her into a stone statue she guards with her life at her fathers mansion.

Other Information: As Cassandra is a witch much like her mother she takes the stereotypes and superstitions of others around the subject very personally and will often become outraged when it is spoken ill of.

One of the biggest reasons Cassandra fell in love with Night is because of his genuine interest in her craft and witchcraft in general. This is most likely due to Night's mother Lavinia dabbling in darker arts leading to his need for an understanding of the subject.

While Cassandra is not to fond of Night's alternate personality she does what she can to keep him calm and often succeeds where Dante and Nero fail.

Cassandra thinks Night's mother is a both a hypocrite and a coward for what she sees in Night and has done to him in the past. She blames her for all of Night's problems whether she was really responsible for them or not.

Cassandra is still in contact with her father Vinny but has not seen him in years. She knows of Sparda through him and the stories he tells her of his time working with the Dark Knight.

The pistol she carries, The Angels Wing, was a gift from Vinicerik to Larissa and from Larissa to her. It was infused with his demonic essence and reacts to Cassandra's own devil power.

Cassandra is extremely defensive of Night because he won't stand up for himself unless he's Cassius.

While Cassandra doesn't like Night's drinking she isn't afraid to use alcohol as a bribe to get him to cooperate with people when he wants to be difficult.

(c) Night Conner Sparda/Cassius, Lavinia Conner, Palomar, Cassandra Kit, Larissa Kit, Vinicerik/Vincent/Vince/Vinny, Viker/Vic, Art are all copyright to Amber Peckham

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Picture of Trish from Devil May Cry used as ref

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