Odysseus and Tiresias Picture

My English homework, so it\'s not my best lineart or anatomy XDD and also not the my best CG alterations.
Kai as Tiresias the blind prophet and Reita as Odysseus, from the book/epic poem The Odyssey by Homer.
This scene is the part where Odysseus goes into the Underworld to listen to Tiresias\'s prophecy for him, in Book 11.
I recommend The Odyssey greatly; though it may not be for everyone\'s tastes.
But you gotta love Greek mythology.
mechanical pencil
Prismacolor Fine Line Premium Markers
Photoshop CS4
art (c) me
Kai and Reita (c) themselves and the GazettE
The Odyssey, Odysseus, and Tiresias (c) Homer
\"Soon from the dark that prince of Thebes came forward/bearing a golden staff; and he addressed me:\" (11:66-67).
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