Noxala ref redo Picture

Your name is NOXALA MORSTI. You are almost 6.92 ALTERANIAN SOLAR SWEEPS. Your lusus is a small batlike creature, or BATMOM. You tend to be SHY and slightly CREEPY. You also have trouble making FRIENDS. The few you have call you WEIRD often. You don't have too many INTERESTS. You have a weird OBSESSION with human MYTHOLOGY. You also have a liking of the PARANORMAL. You enjoy dragging your FRIENDS to go GHOST HUNTING.

(Other info:
Her name Noxala (Nox means dark in Latin.) and Morsti (Mors means death.)
Trollian: caliginous (dark/misty/dim) Necropolis(Dead city)
Quirk: Prefix- 8X She Talk$ Like Thi$ (replaces s with $)
Her symbol is the symbol of Hades (Greek lord of the Underworld)
She is a Seer of Doom
She is very nice, but tends to be antisocial. It takes a lot to gain her trust)
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