SatWoV Profile - Eurynome Picture

Eurynome returns! Used with permission of Nunu, of course. :3

Eurynome's role in the story is as the Devil, ruler of the Underworld. He is thus on par with Hades of Greek Mythology.

You can see some specific details of Eury here, mainly his anatomy, his tongue and teeth. For kicks, you also got a free vore pic in the lower left, with his belly full of people/souls. <3

Other Details:

Name: Eurynome(Yur-ee-noh-may), "Eury" is his pet name.

Age: Immortal; WTF kind of god would he be if he wasn't?

Species: Demonic Hedgehog God

Favorite vore types: Same size vore in his hedgie form using the front entrance is his favorite; Same size vore through the front entrance in his dragon form, followed by same size vore in his dragon form through the tail, then third comes hard vore in his hedgehog form, then hard vore in his dragon form. Also take note, Eurynome is fully capable of soul vore. As a deity, he can also shift his form to suit his needs, so be warned.

Description in a nutshell: Eurynome is usually very good at staying calm. He has a bit of a childish temper though, he's stubborn and has superiority issues(understandably). He looks before he leaps, and he's very sneaky, just like his Greek mythological counterpart.

Eury is also a renowned sadist, having picked up the hobby from his boredom of overseeing billions of souls for thousands of years. Eurynome primarily picks the wicked souls for his cruelty, but he'll slip in the pure from time to time. Simply because they're more tasty.
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