Confronting the Gods Picture

‎4th art was done, and it's still got something to do with greek mythology, I call this as "Confronting the Gods", this one is about 1 god, I name it "Hello", God of Peace Keeping, that leads dead armies from the underworld, not exactly from the underworld, but armies that don't have coins to bribe the ferryman, with huge amount of ar...mies that were sacrifice during the war, Hello start his rebellion towards his own kind, Gods, with particular reason that I won't explain for now. And so this art shows the description, this time I try something different, I wanna make the Gods to be appear in a cloud form but it didn't turn out to what I've expected, too least I tried. After this art, I won't make any new art in this short period as I don't have any inspiration, maybe I will draw something different beside greek stuff, maybe the next art will be something like...Christian element?
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