Charon Picture

Charon - son of Erebus and Styx, is the ferryman of the dead. Charon takes the dead across the River Styx to the realm of Hades.
Charon is usually depicted as appallingly filthy with a bush of unkempt white beard upon his chin and fiery eyes, old, insatiable and in a hurry, pushing off the boat with a pole. He receives the dead from Hermes with his left hand, and hold the pole in his right hand.

The souls descending to Hades carry a coin under their tongues in order to pay Charon.
He takes an obol from the mouth of each dead person for each soul he ferries over to the underworld.

(Ancient Greek Underworld Mythology said that if you were buried without the coin or your family could not pay the fee, or the bodies of the dead were not buried, then they were left to roam the shores of the underworld for a hundred years)
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