Hades and Persephone EDITED Picture

i've redone the backround!
It looks much better doesn't it?

Im pleased with my work today ^^
- - -

I am very proud at this drawing! I just got to say it, it's all digital work. Mostly done in Paint. I made the backround in another edit-program i got. It's Hades and Persephone from greek mythology. Persephone was the godess of fertility and was kidnapped by Hades down to the underworld where she later became queen.
Im very much inlove with the story of Hades and Persephone so i decided to draw them. I made a new design for Hades(not the disney type) and my Persephone is pretty much based on the other drawing you can find on deviantART of her.

I like the way Hades holds out the cape as a sign of that she is being held as a prisoner. She has no clothes on, because i wanted to keep her pure, since she's kinda like the sign for a naive maiden.

Hope you like it!
Please comment<3
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