Crossing.The.River.Styx. Picture

um...hi xD

So my old watchers most likely know who this is but its time for a another introduction.

This is Azrael. Basically she's my interpretation of the angel of death and she is the foster mother of my other 2 characters; Seoshi and Selene.

The river "Styx" is from Greek Mythology. Its the river in which souls cross to enter the underworld. To cross the river, souls would have to pay a silver coin to be taken across. To get the coin, the family of the deceased would bury a coin with the dead body(either under the tongue or on the eyelids). If the family didn't leave a coin with the dead body then the person who died would not have received a proper burial and the soul would not have been put to rest. The soul would just wander the river's banks upset.

Azrael is just crossing to speak with Hades(the god of death) and she can cross on her own cuz she's awesome like that.

I'm kinda unhappy with this because I made her look younger that I wanted....oh well....

Tools: Photoshop CS5, various textures and brushes

Azrael © *bloodyangelrose
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