Dasha in modern clothes Picture

( After watching Percy jackson and the lightning thief, it sort of made me want to make a modern version of her. Not much is different cept the name and past I guess. )
Name: Alicia Merry
Nickname: Dasha( When she had begun getting into greek things, she nicknamed herself Dasha. ) Ally, Merry.

Dasha's mom was a part time stripper( Who some times left with guys for extra money if you catch my drift. ) So, our lil Dasha was left alone at home a lot, taking care of herself since her daddy-dearest wasn't there to take care of her.( Like before, father was a guy who payed her mom to have sex with him. ) Dasha wasn't very good at making friends in school, mostly due to the fact that most of them knew her mom was a whore working a stripper joint. So, she got picked on a lot. Outside of school, she was either at home, or the library which was conveniently only a few blocks away from her home. Dasha was a very intelligent girl who loved to read, her favorite things to read about were history and mythology. Specifically, greek mythology. She'd use the computers and read the books at the library to find out every thing she could about it. Memorizing the names of each god and goddess. Her favorites being Hades. Then the twins, Artemis and Apollo. When she was at home, she'd imagine herself being a goddess. Having imaginary friends who did every thing she said, and pretended to have meetings with others gods and goddesses.
As she grew older, she became well developed and guys started treating her better. She took advantage of this and began dating guys to get free stuff out of them. Seeing as her family was only a little bit above poor. When she was old enough she got a job at Hooters and began saving up for a guitar. When she had enough she went to a pawn shop and got one. She taught herself how to play. Along with how to sing. Her mother taught her how to dance. She began playing at local bars and things in hopes of getting noticed. She never did though, which threw her into a slight depression. Her music and 'friends' being the only thing from keeping her from falling into a real bad depression. She had been walking home from the library one night when she had been robbed, being seriously injured in the process. Hades, god of the underworld. Had been watching her since childhood. Finding the girl a rather interesting, and if not nutty individual. The point being, Dasha had grabbed his interest. He came to the girl as she laid dying. He struck up a deal with her. If she gave him her soul. He would grant her immortality and more. Dasha agreed almost instantly. After making the deal, every thing went black. She woke up in her bed the next day, to think it had been all a dream. Only to get a 'yo' from the god of the underworld. Which resulted in a scream, pillow throwing and a lot of' oh my gods'. After she had calmed down hades( more then likely laughing his ass off while doing so ) explained that it wasn't a dream. An that she was his. Her life had picked up after that, she made a band called Hell's servants. Who eventually became famous. Hades used her mostly as someone to help him with his to do list. An a maid, much to her displeasure.

( Welp, that it~ Modern world Dasha<3 An is still paired with Hades. Lol. )
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