Heraklova blaznost (Madness of Heracles) Picture

So, I've decided I've been holding back a little too long and since this opportunity presented itself, why not?

This is basically the picture we used as the poster for our class play in the Classical Days (Klasični dnevi). There is no text, because I was (fortunately) only in charge of creating this, not the whole poster. Also, I'm not yet in possession of one of these.

The main idea is (as the title says) a mad Heracles (the lion fur should be enough of a hint). On his face is a mask, as it is a theatre play, with a grin for the added creepiness. Underneath the mask lies a split personality; the green eye and the red eye. The red one represents the madness, the evil part in him. The green one is normal, with a tear, if anyone noticed. It represents the sane side of him, the one aware of his flawed and evil part, yet without the strength to do anything about it.

The play is basically about Heracles returning from his deeds in the Underworld and being punished by Hera (who commanded Lisa, the Goddess of Madness, to make him mentally unstable, mad, etc.) for some thing or another. All the while his family is being threatened by a tyrant king. Not long after his return home, he murders all but his father (wife and three children) in a fit of madness, causing him to only sink deeper into despair. The story goes on, but I think this is enough for now.

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