AE - Alone Deadclaws Picture

Name: Alone Deadclaws
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: 6 december
Height: 1m90/6'2"
Weight: 80kg/160lbs
Division: N/A

Species: Reincarnate

Reincarnates are human with powers of a God/Goddess (what regualer human called them in mythology). They live through human cycle. Once they die, they reincarnate within a different family in a different country.

World: Gith

Gith is the realm of the world Kagaho left. It exists 3 main realm into his world. Gith, what we call Earth, is the central realm, it can be considered as the contemporary age (now). Pragarall is the under realm, we'd call that realm Hell. They lived into the Medieval age. Svarga is the upper realm and is what we'd call Heaven, it's time is situated around ancient Greece/Rome Age. Each realm possesses it inhabitants in a particular forms.

Pragarall, the under realm, possesses sentient creatures descending from the beast. They answer to their first primate needs and their main sin, an equivalent would be called a demon. Svarga possesses creatures from the skies, so much like fairies, fae, angels, constellations. They possesses no primate need and are pure energy into a thin envelop, they are identified most of the time by their virtue. On Gith, you will simply find Humans (vessels and reincarnations included) and everything that is common to standard known Earth.

The realms were at war for thousands years before a pact had been done between them, in favor of their battle ground, Gith. Recently, the realms ended back into a fierce war.

+ Outgoing
+ Kind
+ Agile

- Easily worried
- Carefree
- Often lost in his thoughts

Alone was a baby born during the middle ages in Gith Realm, he was already known as the next reincarnation of Hades, God of the Underworld. He's the son of two kings, a sin king in Pragarall and an astral queen in Svarga. His father kidnapped him as a baby and brought him into the Pragarall Realm where he grew for 20 years (several centuries). He had a proccessus to go through every week to not be detected as 'human'. Reaching his 20 years old, he had to move back to Gith. He met his other fellow Gods and since a war was starting between the 2 extreme realms, they assemble and they fought against the demons and angels. Once the war was deeper, his brother got injured badly and targeted. Knowing about the train coming, he took his brother along brought him to Novus'Olum. They live together in a flat, though his brother is no more like his brother.

Death touch(sealed): Killing someone by touching them. That ability was fully sealed long before to avoid killing his friends and family and cannot be used, though plants are still mildly affected by this power and sicken. The only manner to weaken the seal would be if he's left half-dead, and allow for only one use of Death Touch that would take only one person - either the agressor or himself.
Necronism:Processus to kill every "weak" being around him. Weakened through the seal, plants do not die e.g. but look on the edge of death. It also kills micro organisms like viruses etc. Everything outside his near area (50cm) will get back to their original state as soon as out of range.
Seal: The seal is a powerful barrier that has been put up on his death power by a fellow God and a powerful demon. He cannot lift the barrier on his own so far as it is still strong. As long as the seal remain, he cannot kill anyone by touch nor by any other way but to use a sword or anything else. To break the seal, you have to go through 12 levels of barriers. The firsts being elemental barriers. Not everyone can lift them up, so far only one person can but is not present. Once only half of the barrier remains, Alone can use his death power (necronism) again partially for a few minutes.
Necromancy: Can reanimate 1 to 2 skeletons for a good 10 min. Only power untouched by the seal.
Scythe: Portable weapon hidden has a necklace.

Family (in N’O):
Kagaho Shindatsume: It's hard. He's not really a brother but he is at the same time.

RP Media:
Chatroom, note, comments, skype (ask nicely)
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