Leth, God of Greed Picture

Leth is one of the recurring characters in a video game series I’m dreaming up (you know, the kind that kids like me are always thinking up but have little or no chance of actually making them.) The games are put in a mythological/fantasy setting, with the all the fun stuff like gods, dragons, magic, and even a World Tree or two. The five games in the series would span about 4,000 years of this mythological world’s history. The world’s name, for now, is Nalaya (but that’s only because it was the first thing that popped into my head.)

Leth is the God of Greed, and probably the only true “evil” in Nalaya. She commits various inhumane acts and atrocities because she’s, well, greedy. She aggressively gathers power, and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. Because of this, she gets on the bad side of quite a few other powerful people/beings/etc. This is how she got herself banished to Nalaya’s underworld, where someone’s physical appearance becomes a mirror of what’s in their heart. That is why she’s as ugly as she is in this drawing; she used to be quite a beautiful goddess. Now calling Leth “her” is only because she was once female. The underworld has made her effectively genderless.

Thank you for looking at my work and reading all that. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my work, by all means, suggest them. And, lastly, I apologize for the griminess of the picture, drawing too dark and then erasing, coupled with an old scanner, can do that.

(EDIT: I got over my Photoshop-phobia and darkened the pic, cleaned up the edges, and cleaned up all the smudge crap. I like this version a lot more.)
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