Auggie as Persephone Picture

So, this was supposed to be, initially, a Halloween themed drawing, but that didn't work out. My years of Latin classes come back to haunt me, and thus I dress Auggiewolf up as Persephone, queen of the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology. hooray! it kinda makes sense on a Halloweeny level..with the whole...daughter of Ceres/Demeter harvest thing with the pomegranate seeds and changing seasons..and the connection to the dead. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE, PEOPLE!
*cough* and I'd been in an art slump lately, so I wanted to get a good pic of my anthro self done, since it's familiar. I've been dressing Auggiewolf in Greco-Roman garb ever since my stage of crazed fandom of the movie Gladiator. loooong story. anyway! I like how this turned out even though it took forever and I'm still a bit unsatisfied with some details. but whatever! enjoy!

PaintBBS and tablet, 201 minutes.
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