The Brothers Dimm Picture

So these three are some experimental characters, I made them for a later Cut Your Losses issue that I'm going to do, but I liked the characters and the personalities I developed for them so much I'm thinking about possibly making a spin-off about them.

Here's some info on them:

Hades - The full-package, he's got style, smarts, and strength. He's a true devil, always looking to manipulate the next wayward mortal. His father's clear favourite, his brothers are often jealous of him. His cunning is matched by almost noone, he is in a sense, the greatest lying organism ever concieved... he moonlights as a car salesman... Named after the Greek god of the Underworld.

Hel - Not very sociable, he usual confides to his room where he can escape into the gaming realm. A diet of tortilla chips and soft drinks has not had the best impact on his weight. He believes he is cursed, doomed to have only bad things happen to him, which is why he is quick to temper... or perhaps it was because he was named after the Norse goddess of the Underworld.

Ozzi - Not exactly the most intelligent dark being. Most people actually wonder how it is he's even able to function. The youngest of the brothers he is often exploited into performing their responsibilities. His father named him after the Egyptian god of the Underworld Osiris... or perhaps he was just a big fan of Black Sabbath.

Yeah so those are The Brothers Dimm for you, I'd really enjoy some feedback about these guys cause I'm really thinking of doing a spin-off with them after I release the Cut Your Losses issue with them in it.
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