The Goddesses Of Agrim Dwyn (Earth-World) Picture

Name: Kona (Hart)
Designation: Goddess of earth, nature
Patroness Of: Farmers, housewives; later becomes patroness of hunters as well (as long as they abide by her decrees and not slaughter animals mercilessly).
Appearance: Green skin, dark red hair
Sacred Animal: The butterfly, the squirrel, the doe, the stag, the hart, the rabbit
Sacred Things: The rose, wheat, grass, the lily

Name: Brig (Sea-born)
Designation: Goddess of seas, rivers, and lakes. She is the queen and mother of all merfolk.
Patroness Of: Sailors, fishermen, merfolk
Appearance: Blue-green skin, red hair
Sacred Animal: Every sea creature
Sacred Things: Unknown

Name: Farien (Devourer)
Designation: Goddess of fire, volcanoes, war. She is the wife and sister of Terfell (Fallen Star), the god of night, the dead and the Underworld.
Patroness Of: Warriors
Appearance: Red skin, red/orange/yellow hair
Sacred Animal: The cobra, the rattle snake, the panther, the jaguar, the house cat, the bat, the rat, the spider
Sacred Things: The sword, the shield, the dagger, blood, poison

Name: Dainea (Soft Whisper)
Designation: Goddess of the wind, air, storms, rain, snow, clouds, sky, winter, thunder, and lightning
Patroness Of: Unknown
Appearance: Snow-white skin, rainbow-colored hair
Sacred Animal: The hummingbird, the dove, the butterfly
Sacred Things: The rainbow, the cherry blossom
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