Sheaphard of the Dead Picture

Full view, pleeaaase.

One of the things I enjoy doing in my (copius) spare time is creating made up religions, complete with their own mythology, gods, demi-gods, heros and so forth. Akeito, the Sheaphard of the Dead, God of the Underworld, etc. is one such being. I always imagined that, long long ago, before he was a god, he was a sheaphard, hence the Grim Reaper style sythe has been altered to look more like a sheaphard's crook. It's a rather impractical weapon, but since Akeito mostly fights with magic it doesn't really matter. The dog beside him is his doom wolf, who has many names, none of which I can remember.

Akeito's job, for any who's interested, is seeing dead souls safely down the Spirit River, and into oblivion --- before the numerous demons, devils, and other such nasties get their hands on them. Fun no?

Pencil sketched, inked, then watercolored. Took about four days. Akeito is © to myself.
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