Upuat 1 Picture

The Egyptian god Upuat. This was my first attempt at drawing him while learning anthro drawing styles; it's okay, but his pose is awkward and he looks way too happy! There's a newer version of him elsewhere in my scraps.

Upuat is the wolf god of the underworld, his name meaning "Opener of the Ways." He helps to guard the gates to Aalu (Paradise) and fights off demons, hence he's also a warrior god. He's close to the jackal god Anubis, although their temperaments are much different. Upuat is reserved and prefers keeping to himself, but is also very gruff and blunt, not often considering the feelings of others before speaking. He had a very troublesome past and so this has affected both his reputation and his feelings toward others. Despite his bad temper, he's very honest and loyal to those few whom he trusts.

Upuat is from Egyptian mythology, but this representation is copyrighted to me.
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