Original - Izanami Picture

Izanami, the Japanese Shinto Goddess of Creation and Death.

In Japanese mythology, Izanami was one of the first gods and the wife of Izanagi. They created the ocean by churning the seas with the heavenly spear and then had many children. The first two were deformed and could not be dieties because Izanami greeted her husband first for consummation. The next eight children became the islands of Japan and they continued to have more children, creating more dieties. This included Amaterasu the Sun Goddess in one variation of the myth. Sadly, Izanami eventually died in childbirth, and when Izanagi went to the Underworld to save her, he was horrified to see that she was now a rotting corpse, fled and declared them divorced. In anger, Izanami retaliated by claming she would become the Goddess of Death, claiming 1,000 lives each and everyday.

Izanami is another one of my favorite goddesses, because she is a beautiful and tragic figure. She is both a dual Goddess of Creation and Destruction. I feel a lot of sympathy for her, because it's not her fault she died in childbirth, nor was it her fault that she became a rotting corpse/zombie thing in the Underworld. (Izanagi is such a butthead! ><
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