Cirque Sinistre: The Moirai Picture

These character designs have been in my head for a while, i just never got around to figuring out how to use them.

So the moirai are pretty much synonymous to the 3 fates of greek mythology.
I'll probably use Fortuna the most often because i actually came up with a decent character for her, but all of them will be more side characters then anything.
They're more demons or sorceresses then sisters who all work together.

-Clotho (the threader)
-The eldest and most gentle of the three. She has the task of bringing new life to both the surface and underworld. the spool of thread of her abdomen is endless and her thin fingers makes sure the threads are strong. She bears the wheel of fate on her forehead.

-Lachesis (the alloter)
-A fearsome creature who always wears a tao tei monster mask. It's uncertain whether or not if that is her true face, and no one really wants to find out. Although solemn and quiet, she's known to have a temper and the strength to prove it. It's rumored she's an Oni. Her task is to measure out the life span of individuals as accurately as possible, her arms bear markings that somehow help her do so.

-Atropos aka "Fortuna" (the cutter)
*made her an official sheet*

Characters belong to me

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