Charon_Greek Myth Picture

This is a Greek Mythological Character...

Charon, the ferry man of Hades.

For those who don't know he's the guy that ferry's the dead down to the underworld.

Heres a wiki link on his description! [link]

Once I seriously dream't I was going to go down the river styx going to Hades, and Charon appeared on the river styx before me.

But when he peddled the boat towards me and tried to help me aboard, I stopped and oggled at him for a good while.

Only because of the reason that he fascinated me.

He was neither young or old, and had hair that was both white and black making it difficult to tell.

He'll be young at one angle and old at the other. Not to mention he was a real gentlemen in the dream.

So from then on in I thought of him as a pretty cool guy. Even for a dream.

Therefore I made this. And even better I don't have to disclaim it like I do every other drawing! Weiii!

Yazzuh for Charon!

As for me in the chocolate thing, I always wondered if someone could get away with that.

<Persephone> [link]

<Hades> [link]
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