Anu Picture

Name: Anu

-------Meaning: Comes from the name of the Egyptian Jackal God, Anubis. Who's name means "Egyptian god of tombs and ruler of the underworld"

-------From: Egyptian Mythology/Beliefs

-------Pronounced: (Ann-YOU-biSS)

Gender: Female

-------Sexuality: Strait

Birthday: August 5th

-------Age: 4 Human years, 16 Jackal Years

Species: Red Jackal

--------Scientific Name: Canis mesomelas

--------Classification: Canis

Personality: She is very calm, sneaky and quiet. Can be very hard to gain the trust of others. And is loyal once she trusts you.

Hobbies: Egyptian Grave/Toom Robber

Pack: Seth Pack

Relationship Status: Single

--------Mate: Yafeu ----…

--------Crush: Yafeu

--------Pups: Simbel and Tarik

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