The Devils Lullaby Picture


"The pied piper come back a few days later disguised as a hunter. And while all the elder are in church he took out his flute and play it. And in the next moments all the children come to him and followed him out of the town and was never seen again. So the Pied piper of hamelin get his revenge, because he stole away hemelins greatest things. The furture.." (The Pied piper of Hamelin, oldes german fairytale.)

"When Eurydice died her husband orpheus goes down to the hades and sing for the dark king and his queen. Hades comply to Orpheus request and said to him, that he is allowed to leave with his wife Eurydice if he leads her out of the underworld without turning around to her. But just before they get back in the world of the living, orpheus couldn´t hear the steps of his wife anymore and turned around.And it was the last time he saw his wifes face, because she was pulled back into the underorld. This time forever." (orpheus, greek mythology.)

"But his brother killed him and burried him, so the murderer can be King instead of him. But than a shepherd come and find the bones. He make a flute out of the bones and while he played on the flute suddenly the voice of the dead one ring. And so the shepherd could convict the false king." (european fairytale with a lot of variantes.)

"And so he played the flute as the devil himself teached him. And because he played to good everyone have to dance and there even come the dead out of their grave and dance with them becaus ehe played his flute so good!" (The devils flute, a european fairytale with a lot of variantes.)

"And when he died, a tree was plant over his grave. Than they made a flute out of the trees wood and while they are playing the man suddenly come out of his grave, young and healthy." (Indian fairytale.)

Just so you know what I am thinking about whenever I draw senritsu. Music-fairytales a cruel. they are about death and the loss of the very self (As you see in the case of senritsu.). Of course Music is healing but at the same time its cruel and dark and strong connected with dead. The musicans are always the crippeled ones, the ugly ones, because the parents who had told this fairytales to their children don´t wanted them to become musicans. Musicans were the wandering people and this ones are the ones to mistrust, the ones that are evil, the ones that gives the creeps to all the other edentary people.
You can even go farther and set the musican at the same place as the midaged fool, because there are both wandering people.
ah...there is so much more to say about this topic, but I can´t tell it in eglish
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