Cerberus Picture

This is my version of Cerberus, the mythical three headed dog. The sketch didn't look so good, niether did it when I first started inking. So I decided to do some detailing and it looked better. I can't draw animals really good. Noodle is like really good with that.
So I gave each head a different look. The one on the left is the General war crazy head. He has a minigun welted on his back. The middle head is more of the mystical type of powers. Basically power over all the elements. The last head is a cyboertronic head. It's a self sastaned laser firing machine.
The tail of the cerberus are snakes because I read that cerberus' mother is a serpent creature or something, so I took that in and gave them snakes as tails and their tounges are snake-like tounges.
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