Bonds Through Time Picture

That is most definitely not one of my more polished works, but I wanted to get it done like burning.

I mean, I just read American Gods, and that book? Is AWESOME. It did nothing to my recently flared obsession for Thoth, either.

Sooo, have a bit of Mr. Ibis and Mr. Jacquel. Set was gone, Bast was a kitty, Horus went mad... It seems to be a valid option, to turn to each other for a bit of comfort. It's a cruel world and even Gods could appreciate a bit of TLC.

I loved them to pieces in the book, especially at the end, where they met Shadow in the Underworld. They both sound so nice, despite all the dead bodies.

Jacquel is a bit taller, simply because he was HUGE in that last scene.

I might poke it a bit later.
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