Character Designs: Male Persephone II Picture

I've posted stuff from this story before, but basically I'm writing a story that situates greek gods in the 1920s, and for plot related reasons Persephone is "disguised" as a guy, and her/his characterization is pretty drastically different from the myths. Or is it? We don't get a TON of information about her personality, especially after she becomes queen of the underworld, so in that way I feel like she's wide open to take liberties with. All the gods are, and I totally take advantage of that.

Basically, I took inspiration from her dual role as a grave queen of death and a young goddess of springtime and made her super... adaptable, I guess is the word. She's wildly inconsistent, but sharp as a whip, and a total chameleon when it comes to negotiating the various politics and pettiness of the other gods. She's a slippery schemer with a conscience, and because she's so changeable she has the clearest view of what's really going on around her.

It's kind of an odd story I guess, one that's more concerned with fiction than history, but I enjoy writing it.

...I also forgot to colour in her hair, but yeah, brunette.
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