The Psychopomp Picture

Another horse manipulation to be used as a layout offsite. The final product will have some words written on it but nothing more.

The psychopomp is a creature whose job it is to guide the spirits of the newly deceased into the underworld. It is not their job to judge, just to act as guides. In many mythologies the entrance to the underworld is a cave. So here we have depicted the psychopomp in the form of a horse guiding you the viewer through the cave into the afterlife which is in this image a cheery field with some mountains so you made it to Elysium. Good on you.

I did paint the mane and tail. I was going to do the fetlock feathering as well but I ran out of patience.

Stock art used:
*Grinmir-stock - The Friesian
~bookwack - The cave
~Tigers-stock - The mountains
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