-Night of No Stars- Picture

I drew ANOTHER picture 8D Two in one week, baby!
You guys should all be very very proud of me xD

I was looking through my gallery, and a thought smacked me right between the eyes:
"Dammit where's the angst? D: My gallery is too happy!"
Thus, the depressing picture is born
Anyway, this is Lainey. History... history...
She was a happy girl with a normal lifestyle. However, She carried a dark burden. She was best friends with Shayla, who was still the devil's apprentice at the time. Eventually, she fell in love like most women do.
But Shayla was destined to take her lover's life. So, being her best friend, Shayla asked the devil if there was any way the man's life could be spared. He told her to tell Lainey that they would spare the man in exchange for a life time of servitude. Lainey agreed.
Lainey returned to Earth, expecting to be welcomed by her lover. However, she returned to his house to find him sleeping with another women. So, she returned to the underworld and forever remains the devil's personal slave.

If you can name what Mythology story that BASICALLY comes from, I'll draw you a picture. No lie. Because I'm sure no one can get that right :3

So... yeah... devil's slave...
Her story and history is intertwined with my other charrie's, Shayla. I'm gonna draw her next :3

Time Taken: 6 hours
Song: Before He Cheats, My Happy Ending
Favorite Goal: I dunno x3

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