Flames of Hades Picture

And so the morning star fell from heaven,
Down to the blue fires of hell.

And no mercy would save him,
And love would not be able
To take his pain away.

So that he would be suffering
For all eternity.

© by Mystelica


This is the third picture in my wallpaper series.
I showed it to my brother and he liked it - but it was too gloomy for his walls (like he said).
He said things like: "Whoa, it's like a gate - well, could you turn the pic upside down? That would be great" and so on.
I did one or two other versions of this picture (I'll gladly upload them some other time) and finally we had one to put on his walls (his walls are empty right now, 'cause he didn't get the picture. I'm the only one who has the pic right now - this idiot wasn't carrying an usb-stick the last time and he didn't want to get a mail with the pic - don't ask me why *rolleyes*)
But I decided to upload this (the original) version first, because I like this version the most.

When I saw the picture, I just thought about Lucifers fall from heaven and Lucifer's often called "the Morning star" so I called him that in my little poem, which I came up with.
The blue flames remembered me of Hades, the underworld (and the god of this underworld, named Hades too) in the greek mythology and I was just too fascinated by the thought, that Lucifer would fall into the river Lethe, which would erase all memories of his.
It doesn't fit with the little poem, though.
Because in the poem Lucifer suffers for all eternity and to forget everything would be mercy for his soul.
xP What should I say? I like Lucifer :3

Well, I think I said enough xDD

Please leave a comment, so I'd know what you're thinking about the picture ^.-

Feel free to download and to use this pic, if you need a wallpaper ;3

© by Mystelica
You can use the picture if you want to, just make sure, that you use it in a non-commercial way only. BUT! Please notify and credit me if you're using the picture for anything besides a wallpaper!

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