Xolotl and Mayahuel - Colored Picture

Xolotl is the dog-like god of the Aztec mythology, and the twin brother of the noble Plumed Serpent gargoyle warrior, Quetzalcoatl, who is also the leader of the Aztec Clan. The lovely Mayahuel is from Mictlan, the gloomy and dusky Aztec underworld. I really enjoyed drawing these 2 pair of lovebirds, and thought they'd make a perfect mated couple.

Xolotl is a coyote-bird gargoyle warrior and advisor to his close friend and rookery brother, Quetzalcoatl. They also do have a romantic time to share a tender embrace within the Aztec temple which is the cozy home of Xolotl and the very lovely human-like gargoyle maiden, Mayahuel.

I hope you like this a lot, ~TaliaLevid-chan, *RollaD6-chan, *STAN4US and ~nesilverwing-chan!
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