Izanami in Dead's Land Picture

Hi <3, this woman is Izanami.

Izanami is a goddess from Japanese Mythology. I like Izanami so much, her story is very sad ;_; ...
Izanagi (husband) and her were, according to the story, the first man and woman from the world. With a spear decorated with precious stones (called Ame no nuboko, meaning: celestial spear), together, they started to create continents, islands, etc. Also, they started to conceived other deities. One of this labor, Izanami gave birth fire's god, and she died burnt D=... Then, she was sent to Dead's Land D=... Izanagi went to search her, but she couldn't back again because she had eaten underworld's food.

Well, story is larger than that, but this is, basically, the important part D=
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