Neffis Picture

Well there wasn't any real "Ice Goddesses" so I finally get to use Neffis as a name!~ ^^ yeay
I got the idea to use Neffis as the name from the Nourse Mythology of Neflheim, their version of the underworld which is a region of perpetual cold and darkness; fun huh?

Anyway this is Neffis, the Ice Elemental, for my manga/video game, Reign of Athearia.

I used Crayola Twistables (12 set), Prismacolor Verithin (24 color set), & Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Rolling Ball Inking Pen. For the highlights I used a toothpick and Liquitex Acrylic Enamel; I shouldn't have done that, I wanted to use that technique where you spray drops on the pic after to give it a look, I thought I could do that for her highlights too, to make it look like ice, but I don't like it
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