Lyra the Bartender Picture

Name: Lyra
Species: Selkie (Leopard Seal)
Age: 26 years
Gender: Female
Height (human): 5’7”
Length (seal): 10’3”
Weight (human): 168 lbs
Weight (seal): 780 lbs

Nation: Mythos City
Occupation: Bartender


Very flirtatious, she loves trying to seduce both men and women. Once she has them under her “spell” she’ll either convince them into buying more drinks (if she’s working at the bar) or rob them blind (any other time). Despite being a huge flirt, she never actually does anything more than kissing them. She does actually value saving herself for someone she truly loves. No, this does not mean that she’s a virgin waiting until she’s married; only that she’ll only sleep with someone she loves.

She also likes a challenge. If her flirting doesn’t work, she’ll make it a goal to finally succeed in seducing that person. This doesn’t just apply to flirting either. Whenever she has is unable to accomplish a task, she’ll work extra hard to finally complete it successfully.

She tends to take everything in stride, making it quite difficult to enrage her. She just tends to brush off insults and even laugh at them. However, watch out if you do piss her off. She is a leopard seal after all, and can be quite ferocious.

Likes: her mom, challenges, rum, cold weather, snow, ice, water, the sea, sailing, flirting, getting what she wants
Dislikes: being on land, being ignored, hot weather, people insulting her mother or her captain, anyone who goes near her seal skin


What she tells everyone (and yes she does claim to only be half-selkie, mostly to hide the fact that she does have a seal skin which could be used against her):
Her mother was caught in a fishing net while she was swimming in the southern seas of the Etyrian Conglomerate. When the net was pulled aboard the ship, she turned into a beautiful maiden. The fisherman couldn’t believe his eyes and was stunned at her beauty. However instead of releasing her from the net, he took her back to the Etyrian mainland. The fisherman took her seal skin and locked it away, so that she may never free herself. He then claimed her as his and forced her to marry him. He dragged her to back to his hometown of Mythos City made a home for them. He then spent every night raping the poor Selkie. She tried to escape many a time, but was never able to find her seal skin and thus unable to leave. In time, she became pregnant. At that point she gave up trying to escape and instead focused on her little girl. One day they would escape together.

Lyra grew up watching her mother being abused by her father. In time her mother could no longer take the abuse and succumbed to disease. Lyra took care of her as best as she could, but her mother stilled ended up dying. Her father blamed her for her mother’s death. He forced her to work hard to make up for her sin. She worked various jobs around the city, even being a prostitute at some points.

The attack on Mythos City five years ago actually saved her. You see, her father was killed during the assault and she was finally free of her father’s chains. In time she met Amethyst, who offered her a job as a bartender. Lyra gladly accepted the job and as been working for her ever since.

Her real history (only her mother and members of Jackalyn’s pirate crew know this one):
Lyra grew up on a pirate ship. See her mother was a pirate through and through and was in fact captain of a pirate ship. You see, one night Lyra’s mother got wasted and had a drunken fling with a male Selkie. Lyra was the result of that one night stand. From the moment she was born, Lyra was raised in the life of a pirate and eventually became a member of her mother’s crew officially. Her mother taught her everything: how to fight, how to use her looks, how to steal, and how to trick others.

However, her mother grew old and decided to retire. She disbanded her crew and opened up a rest stop of sorts for pirates in the Etyrian Southern Seas. Most of her crew followed suite and retired as well, many following her to her new outpost. Lyra was still young though and wanted to keep sailing. For a while she sailed on her own until she had a run in with Jackalyn and her pirate crew. Desperate to be a real pirate once again, she begged to join her crew. Eventually, they allowed her to, but not until she had proved herself worthy. She was 14 at the time.

Things were going well, until the war started five years ago. Their captain, Jackalyn, formally disbanded her crew and left to lead the Erionok people into war against Arranudo. However she secretly kept the crew together. The crew quietly merged in with the citizens of Mythos City, each coming up with their own story as to why they were there. And in secret they continued to work for Jackalyn, providing with underworld info on the war and the other nations. Lyra found a witch who was opening up a new pub in Mythos city. She told the witch a sob story as to why she was desperate for a job. In the end, the witch hired her on as bartender.

Strengths: brute strength, her looks, deception, lying, flirting, water, ice, swimming
Weaknesses: her seal skin, being land locked, earth


Tidal Pull: Uses nearby water to pull target towards her. Requires nearby water source. Minimal energy cost, little to no damage.

Frozen Wall: Creates a wall of ice to be used as a shield or barrier. Vulnerable to fire based skills. Will shatter if hit too many times or by too powerful of attacks. Moderate energy cost, no damage.


Dance of Blades: Moves in a manner that appears as if she’s dancing with knifes in hand. She cuts the target multiple times and increases her evasion for the duration of the attack. Must be in human form. Moderate energy cost, moderate damage.

Dagger Toss: Throws multiple daggers at the target, up to 6 at a time. Long ranged and may hit multiple targets; the further away, the lower the accuracy. Must be in human form. Low energy cost, moderate damage.

Leopard Strike: Charges at target at full speed and rams into the target. Must be in seal form. Moderate energy cost, massive damage.

Leopard Fang: Bites down hard on target. Must be in seal form. Minimal energy cost, moderate damage.

Blubber (passive): Resilient to both fire and ice based attacks (both magical and physical).

Transformation (passive): When on land, Lyra turns into a human. When in water, she turns into a leopard seal. Getting wet while in human form may trigger a partial transformation back into a seal. She has no control over this transformation and it occurs automatically.

Potions, Poisons, Magical Items

Weapons (doesn't include body parts)
Daggers and Knifes – she keeps them hidden on her person at all times

Katrina: mother
Jackalyn Delahaye [link] : Captain
Amethyst [link] : Boss, calls her mistress
Shahar [link] : Co-worker

Amethyst (c) ~leafpool12
Jackalyn (c) ~Scarlet-Adler
Lyra, Katrina, art (c) me
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