Lord Hades Picture

This is Lord Hades, and OC of mine, he is the GrandFather of the Crown Prince of the Underworld.
He was the first Lord Of the Underworld and one of the mosts evil demons in all the planet, but now he is retired and is traying to train his little grandson, but is not being very succefull in that. He looks Young but in reality he is as old as the planet. usually wears glasses to hide his demon eyes from the humans and to look more "sexy" or thats what he thinks.

please note that the crown prince that im reffering is also another OC of mine, and this story is not based on this earth or another manga or anime, is a complete new story, world that i have created.

sketched and painted with SAI.
The Name of the Character is the same of the underworld god Hades from the Greek Mythology.
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