Awakened: Yixian Picture

I gave in. I like how Miia spells Xian's name, so I removed that space. .w.'
I can't stop with these Awakened forms. This time, Yixian's appearance is based on both Persephone and a banshee.

Reason for Persephone: After being taken custody, her beauty was immediately recognized by Xun Rong, and he married her. It's sort of the same in Greek mythology. Hades fell in love with Persephone's beauty, kidnapped her and brought her to the Underworld, and married her. This tale is supposed to be the explanation to the seasons, in which it's winter every time Persephone has to return to the Underworld, since her mother Demeter, the goddess of harvest, falls into a great depression and neglects to take care of the earth. Yixian lives in Wei territory from then on, which usually has wintry climate.
Reason for banshee: In Celtic mythology, banshees are usually female fairies that grieve outside the home of their human family, indicating that one of those members were about to pass away. Yixian had to bear witness to her mother's, father's, and brother's individual deaths, and with her only other family having run off to Shu, she was left alone to grieve in her own sorrow.

Like her sister, Xiaoren, her natural traits are red to represent her Wu origins.

Yixian is
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