Crimson And Coney Picture

Nira is my obligatory fantasy world where several stories and many more of my characters call home. One such series takes place in Nira's so-called Dark Ages, where numerous wars raged across the lands, and (needless to say) there were less then easy relationships between various Niran races. But even in these hectic times, the scum of the underworld are still able to make a living, human and non-human alike. Which brings us to this unsavory couple, the Nekojin (Niran Cat-Person) wench Coney Marnita, and the demonically amalgamated human known only as Crimson.

The gorgeous Coney refers to herself as a genius theft, but she's really just a sly witch who uses her magical knowledge to aid in her criminal endeavors. Most notably the ability dubbed the Grimalkin Stare, a very powerful form of mind control done through the eyes, which also seems to be a rare Nekojin-only trait. But Coney is also very voluptuous and extremely curvaceous, along with a likeable persona, so she only uses the Grimalkin Stare when those assets can't get her what she wants. Not as ruthless as some of her fellow villains, Coney is still rather selfish and greedy, something that has gotten her in trouble plenty of times, even though she'd never admit to it.

Crimson is a powerful and feared human mercenary, and the most battle capable of a team of two other guns for hire known as the Tiga-Terrible. All three bloodthirsty warriors are infamous for augmenting particular parts of their human bodies with those of some very unfortunate demons. With Crimson, he replaced his arms with those of a demonic beetle beast, giving him incredible Herculean strength and magnifying his already nightmarish skills with a samurai style blade. Crimson is a very arrogant and heartless individual, who when not on the battlefield, enjoys the lustful company of woman. However he's anything but a gentleman, and is rough with his ladies to say the least.

But with what little sincere feelings he does possess, Crimson likes his unofficial main gal Coney as both a excellent partner in crime and as an even more amazing lover. Coney thinks similar of Crimson (especially on the latter), but is still apprehensive around him, knowing how scary and cruel he can become when fighting. Many doubt their relationship will last for long, but until then, feel sorry for those who become targets of their allied villainy.


The creative histories behind these two characters should be shared outside the 'in-universe' synopsis: Crimson, along with the other two in the Tiga-Terrible, are actually creations of my friend Jesse Alonso, who I've done lots of character designs for. However, Nira is my concept, and like H.P. Lovecraft's mythology, I would like Nira to be open to other writers and artist to submit creative contributions (though unlike Lovecraft, I'd have it stopped after I'm dead). The shirtless Crimson seen above is not his true design, but merely the character at leisure; I have yet to design his battle armor or other looks to this beetle-armed mercenary.

As for Coney (who's also not dressed in the norm), she was originally created for several abandoned adult projects I was to do in the late 1990's, with "Overtly Sexy Hospital" being among them. Her original (and very stupid) name was the pun-obvious Siliconey, and was an anthropomorphic cat version of Pamela Anderson in the design's inspiration. Story wise, she was going to be some sort of genetically engineered being who hooks up with a very willing human acquaintance.

A stand alone illustration featuring this version of the character can be found here...and boy, does she have back-problems:


Wait a tick...does that make Crimson the fantasy villain equivalent of Tommy Lee?!?!
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