Demon God Sketches 1 Picture

Some sketches of 3/5 of the Demon Gods that appear in my Genetix series. "Gods" is a title they have given themselves for the truly monumental power they wield. They are of course not as powerful as the Celestial Dragon gods, but are still a force to be reckoned with. They wish to merge earth with the underworld in order to rule over both.

All the demon gods were put to sleep in ancient times by a group of warriors, and have been reawoken by a book written down by a demonologist from the time period. Since the book has fallen into unknown hands, Quaran, Bion, Tora, and Dragoon (He is the sort of 4th member of the group who goes off on his own a short while after he is introduced. But I will provide info on him later) must deal with this threat.... And without the book...... They can't neccisarily put the demon gods back to sleep. They also meet up with a descendant of the book's writer who shares the same intrest in demonology as his forefather did.

Typhon is the leader of the demon gods and is also know as "The Serpent". He rests under Mount. Etna. Based on Typhon from Greek Mythology, father of all monsters.

Bealzabay is based on Bealzabub, lord of the flys from christian mythology. I just corrupted the name to sound feminine. She rests within a giant cocoon-hive in space. She is also known as "The Insect".

Dagon is based on the Babylonian god of fish. He rests with thin ruins of a sunken city. He is also known as "The Shark".
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