Hades- god of death and wealth Picture

Well I didnt pull his name from thin air... (Greek mythology ilu)

This is actually a very old sketch (you can tell by the terrible anatomy), I think it was from when I first got my promarkers (promarkersILU), when I was still toying with the idea of Hades' trial ref. You can tell what design I went with in the end...~
I thought it would be interesting to link him with his first name too, using the bossness that is Stalfos skulls. 8D

Also, did you know the god Hades is actually lesser known as the god of wealth as well as the underworld? Just pointing that out. ^_^ *Knows all about mythology*

EDIT: Are you happy now Naomi and Alice?...

Hades Aonuma (c) me
Stalfos (c) nintendo
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