OC Inspiration Meme- Ysef Picture

Back in spring, as part of my story pitch we were told to accumulate our sources of inspiration for our characters. Finally got around to using it on this meme.

So from Top to bottom, left to right-
Sauron (Lord of the Rings, movie)- First time I saw this form in the movie theaters just blowing soldiers left and right like nothing, I just fell in love with the look and power of it all.

The Horned King (The Book of Three)- an undead war leader who answers to the Dread Lord and main evil-that-must-be-slain of the series. I barely remember much about him but he was essentially the template for Acri'amol's true form.

Honoo (Master of Mosquiton)- an underling of the vampire Mosquition, servant to a human. He was cocky, rude and he really didn't like that his powerful boss was getting abused by a weak, human girl. In normal times he looks like a lil boy but in battle he turns into an older dude and wields fire magic.

Om (Small Gods)- A small god, to be sure. But bossy as Hell.
I just love reading this book again and again. The lovely frustrations of a once super powerful deity stuck in the last form he'd ever expect himself to be, the trials he (and his caretaker/disciple) undergoes and changes, to finally his super crowning moment of awesomeness.

Illyria (Angel)- Another super powered being ending up in an unexpected form, with the added unfortunate realization that she's been forgotten and because of certain circumstances, was forced to learn to just suck it and adjust to modern day life. XD

Skarr and Grimm (Grimm and Evil/The Adventures of Billy and Mandy) One deadpan snarking commander, the other the ever suffering Death himself, both under servitude of masters they'd rather shove into a volcano.

Dinobot (Beast Wars Transformers) - Bad guy who turned over to the good guys cause he thought his old boss was a weakling. XD That and he was always cynical, distrustful, angry, and an honor-bound warrior.

Kratos (God of War) - The most angry, testosterone-driven BAMF Garr character I have ever come across. If this dude can get out of the underworld 3 effing times and totally annihilate the entire Greek Mythology and their armies of monsters and mobs, this is the last person you'd ever want to come after you.

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