Aether Picture

This is another char of mine.... I've got other pics, but those require getting to the scanner.... Well.... Anyways, this is Aether Orpheus Keirain. (That's their real name.) Aether prefers to go by Orpheus (Orpheus, for all those whom do not know Greek mythology, was a poet who sang and played an instrument called a lyre. He fell in love with a beautiful woman, and the two were married, but a few days after, the woman died. Orpheus journeyed to the Underworld and managed to make a deal with Hades- the woman could return to life if she and Orpheus could make it all the way back out of the Underworld without Orpheus ever seeing her. They began the long journey, but along the way, Orpheus began to think Hades had tricked him and that he was simply walking alone, a fool. He managed to almost make it back, but finally, unable to stand his suspicions any longer, he turned around and saw his wife standing there for a few moments before she was taken all the way back. For the rest of his life, he only played sad and mournful songs as he wandered alone. The name 'Orpheus' means 'Darkness of Night.' ), Aer (More
Greek mythology... 'Aether' was the word for the pure Upper Air that only the gods could breathe, but it can also mean 'light.' The lower, less pure air that the mortals breathed was called 'Aer.' You could think of it as not light.), or Hyakinthos (From Greek Mythology again... Youth who loved Apollo, but was accidentally killed by him. Hyacinth flowers grew from the blood. If you want more info on the story, you can look it up, I'm too lazy.). I'll post info on Aether later.....
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