Psyche Picture

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I decided to do a series on the top fermale Olympians from Greek Mythology.

This is Psyche, from the legend of Eros and Psyche, which is my favorite Greek Myth.

This is her story...In the legend, when Psyche was born, she was considered as beautiful as Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess. And as Psyche grew up, so did her beauty. After a while, she went from, "as beautiful as Aphrodite" to "Aphrodite in human form" all the way to "Even more beautiful than Aphrodite" And Aphrodite, out of jealousy, called her son, Eros (Cupid) and told him to make her fall in love with the ugliest creature alive, and let her be torn apart by the very society that built her up on her beauty. But, as he was about to shoot her with his arrow of love, he accidentally stabbed his own finger with the arrow tip, and fell in love with her instantly. And couldn't carry out the deed. He left her and watched her from afar.
And since he did, he abandoned his work of making mortals fall in love with each other, and thus no one fell in love with Psyche; she was admired sure, but no one wanted to marry her. Her two older sisters had already been married for many years.
So, her parents asked the Oracle for help, to see who she would end up marrying. The oracle told them that she would be married, but not to a rich and handsome man, but to a creature feared by all even the mighty Olympian deities, and she would be given to this creature in a weeks' time on the top of a misty hill.
Her parents thought they had no choice, so they told her and dressed her up in her finest clothes and sent her alone to the top of a misty hill to wait for her husband. She was swept away by a breeze and landed near a magnificent palace, and was bidden to enter. She was treated by invisible servants feeding her the best food she'd ever tasted, and the best drink. She was washed, perfumed, and given the softest bed to sleep in. That night, someone slipped into the bed with her, and when she attempted to see who, the creature told her no. He told her that he loves her with all his heart, and always will, and will give her anything she wants in this palace, her slightest whim shall be his command and all he asks in return is that she not look upon his face until he feels comfortable to show her, for he will have to leave in the morning for his duties. She agrees, partly because she knows he's supposed to be the most feared creature in the universe, and partly because despite that, he was kind and gentle with her, and couldn't refuse that one favor of him, and it wasn't even a permanent deal anyway. And they end up married in the night, and their marriage is consummated very "happily".
After a while, she grows lonely in the palace, having absolutely no one, not man or animal to talk to except her loving and mysterious husband. She asks her husband for the chance to have her family visit. And when he said, "No." She compensated by asking that it be just her two older sisters to come and visit. The husband agrees after a while, and tells her he will leave in the morning and bring them to her the following day. And so he did.
They were both terrified when a gust of wind blew them out of their beds and into this meadow, then the sun rose and they saw the palace, and in the doorway stood their little sister, as beautiful as ever. Now, naturally if your sibling got most of the attention growing up, you'd be pretty jealous, and these girls were no exception. They were outraged when they saw their sister, supposedly living in misery with a monster, still being pampered with riches beyond all imagination. They stayed with Psyche all day, and when she told them about her husband, they found a way to ease their jealousy and planted ideas in Psyche's head about her husband being a monster, who probably wants to eat her in her sleep, he was called the most feared creature in the world by the Oracle, after all. Psyche was convinced after a while, that they could have a point, and the only way to know for sure, was to see what he looks like, and go from there.
That night, after her husband fell asleep, she lit a candle and at last saw her devoted lover, how shocked she was to see that he was Cupid, god of love himself! She was so shocked that her hand holding the burning candle shook and dripped hot wax onto Cupid's shoulder, and woke him up instantly. At the same time, Psyche accidentally pricked her foot on one of Cupid's arrows which were under her side of the bed. Before she could do anything, Cupid flew out the window and left Psyche by herself.
Later that day, Psyche promised she'd find Cupid and apologize for breaking his trust. She looked everywhere she could think of, and begged the gods for help. Aphrodite was the one who heard her pleas. She was angry that Cupid didn't listen to her, and decided to torture Psyche as revenge and comeuppance. She demands a little sample of the beauty from the Queen of the Underworld herself. Psyche agrees to do so, on the condition that she can see her love at last. Aphrodite agrees. Psyche plans for weeks on her way to the entrance to the Underworld. She rides with Charon over the River Styx with a bribe, and bribe the guardian of the Underworld, Cerberus, the giant three-headed dog, with 2 cakes, one for each trip in and out of the Underworld.
And she meets the Queen who graciously gives her what she came for, and told her to hurry. On her way up, Psyche grew so tired, and thought she'd like to look her best when she sees her husband again, so she decides to open the box and try on a little bit of the beauty. But, when she does open the box, no beauty comes out, but an infernal sleep, and it overcomes her. Cupid finds her, having forgiven her, and takes her to Aphrodite and gives her the box, and takes Psyche to Zeus to carry out the deal. Zeus wakes her up, and feeds her the food of the gods, nectar and ambrosia. She eats and drinks and becomes an immortal, and is dubbed Psyche, goddess of the immortal soul within humans. And she lives happily ever after with her husband, and from that moment on, Heart and Soul were united as one They even had a child whom they called Joy. May the same be said for us in our own futures.
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