Annibelle Marie Jaques Picture

Char drawing for my fan-fic

Name: Annibelle Marie Jaques

Age: 15

Grade Level: 10

Godly Father or Mother: Athena

Short History: When i was young i was almost beat to death by a couple of Hellhounds... gods know how i surrvived but i did and so even though my mother didnt like it it drove my father to fear he would lose me forever to monsters so somehow he brought me to the underworld and dipped me into the river of styx so i would become invincible exept the part he was holeing me by which was my left arm i surrvived the river of styx and when he brought me home there was instructions and 2 gifts from My Mother Athena, the instructions were to bring me to the half-blood's training facilities, and that i could only go home one month every year for my saftey and his so now im at the school and doing whatever thay give me.

Class Choices: Combat training, Greek Religion, Archery, History, Thrown Weapons, Hand to hand Weapons, Hand to hand Unarmed

Previous classes: Gym ( A ), Greek Mythology ( A+ knew more than the teacher...), Mathamatics ( B- ), Construction ( A- )

Powers: has a ring that turns into a sheild that has an owl in the middle, A cellphone that when opened and pushed one of 2 buttons it will turn into a sword or a dagger. (Gifts from Athena)

Flaw: left arm (look at history), Thinks that she can change anyone even if they betray her
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