King of the Afterlife, Queen of Magic Picture

Osiris was the name the Egyptians knew him by, Osiris, the fallen king of the gods. The woman in front of him, however... she knew him by a completely different name. A name he had gone by long, long ago.
"I have to go now, Rukia," he said gently, and his queen took a deep, shuddering breath.
"I know. It just... doesn't seem fair. After all this time fighting so you could regain your throne..."
"I appreciate it, you know I do, but I
am dead, the humans might be unnerved if I remained here. It's best if Horus takes over as King."
Rukia looked up at him with large eyes. "But why must you go to... that world? Why can't you stay? Horus has never even meet you."
"The Afterlife needs a king, the dead have gone too long without one. Who would be better then the first king of the gods?" He paused, reading her fear, then held out a hand to her. "Do not fear, dearest. We shall see each other again. This is not the end."
The once queen of the gods hesitated for just a moment, then took his hand. "I know, Ichigo. I know."

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